Emerging themes around the T-cell response & COVID-19: A look back at some of our discussions at World Vaccine Congress 2021

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    At the World Vaccine Congress 2021, held May 4-6, leading research and industry partners discussed the challenges and trends in the evolving COVID-19 and vaccine development landscape. In this blog, we highlight our panel discussion with Sharon Benzeno, Chief Business Development Officer and our exhibitor seminar with Harlan Robins, Chief Scientific Officer & Co-founder.

    Can adjuvants & immune profiling improve our immune response to current COVID vaccines?

    Presented by:
    Sharon Benzeno, Chief Business Development Officer, Adaptive Biotechnologies
    Ofer Levy, Director, Precision Vaccines Program, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School
    Tyler Martin, Chairman, President & CEO, Adjuvance Technologies
    Alessandro Sette, Center Head, Division Head, & Professor, La Jolla Institute For Allergy & Immunology
    Wolfgang Leitner, Chief Innate Immunity Section National Institute of Health-NIAID


    T-cell immune response: Exploring emerging themes in vaccine development & COVID-19 variants

    Presented by:
    Harlan Robins, PhD, CSO & Co-founder, Adaptive Biotechnologies

    Explore the cellular mechanisms underlying the response to SARS-CoV-2 with Dr. Harlan Robins, who discussed our data around COVID-19 and our work in the vaccine space. Watch on-demand now to find out more about how the immunoSEQ® Technology is driving discovery and insights in the field.


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