An image of T cells of the immune system attacking a growing cancer cell to depict the process of monitoring adoptive cell therapy using immunosequencing

Monitoring adoptive cell therapy using immunosequencing

Adoptive cellular and CAR-T immunotherapies have the potential to revolutionize the treatment of patients with various solid tumors and blood cancers, where patients' T cells are extracted, modified and reinfused. As this field continues to rapidly grow, so will the need to characterize and monitor these infusion products during production and following their infusion into patients.

Adaptive's immune medicine platform has the ability to immunosequence T-cell based infusion products and characterize their repertoire composition. Applications of this technology include monitoring clonal changes during manufacturing, tracking clonal persistence post-infusion, correlating presence of infused clones with adverse events, and co-monitoring efficacy of infusion products and minimal residual disease (MRD) in blood cancers.

In this webinar, Dr. Patrick Raber will discuss the principles of Adaptive’s immune medicine technologies and their applications to the field of adoptive cell therapy.

Learn about:

  • Adaptive's immune medicine platform and accompanying data products that may help provide new insights into your samples
  • How immunosequencing can characterize pre-infusion T-cell based products
  • The application of immunosequencing to track and monitor clone persistence and infiltration post-infusion
  • How infusion products modulate the endogenous T-cell repertoire
  • Strategies for co-monitoring infusion products and MRD in blood cancers
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Dr. Patrick Raber

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