Highlights from Adaptive Biotechnologies at FOCIS 2021

Turning large-scale immune repertoire data into actionable insights: Lessons from COVID-19, other infectious diseases, and autoimmunity

This presentation provides an overview of:

  • The principles behind the Adaptive Biotechnologies immune-medicine platform, particularly the immunoSEQ® Technology
  • Learnings from over a year of COVID-19 research, including identification of public T-cell receptors to detect recent of past T-cell immune response to infection, track responses to vaccines, and study emerging variants
  • The impact of COVID-19 in other therapeutic areas
  • Extensions of the technology into other diseases, from assessing prior CMV infection to possibly detecting Lyme disease and Crohn’s disease

Presented by: Thomas Snyder, VP Research, Adaptive Biotechnologies

Machine learning approaches to developing TCR repertoire-based diagnostics for pathogen exposure

Learn how the immunoSEQ Technology and machine learning approaches were used to identify disease-specific TCRB sequences for CMV, COVID-19, and gather insights on HLA.

Presented by: Paul Fields, Senior Manager Computational Biology, Adaptive Biotechnologies

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