From Bench to Biomarker: Applications of the immunoSEQ® Assay Across the Clinical Development Pipeline

In this webinar, you will discover:

Immunosequencing, the science of profiling T- and B-cell receptors, has broad utility across the clinical development spectrum. Adaptive Biotechnologies’ quantitative immunoSEQ® Technology can answer early, preclinical questions about drug candidate selection, dosing, and effective drug combinations. At the clinical trial stage, the immunoSEQ Assay can also help to confirm drug safety and efficacy, establish biomarker endpoints, optimize patient selection, predict responses to therapy, and monitor for adverse events. This webinar will use real-world data to demonstrate how immunosequencing can be used at various points in the drug development and clinical research process to improve the development of new therapies.

What You Will Learn

    • T-cell receptor (TCR) and B-cell receptor (BCR) sequencing data generated by Adaptive’s immunoSEQ Technology, which has been used extensively in preclinical and clinical pipelines from early drug discovery to biomarker endpoints
    • How the immunoSEQ Assay can be leveraged to study drug candidate selection, optimize dosing, determine smart drug combinations, select biomarker endpoints, optimize patient selection, predict response to therapy and monitor for adverse events
    • Adaptive Biotechnologies offers an end-to-end immunosequencing solution that can assist with every stage of the development pipeline from early experimental design work to advanced data analysis

immunoSEQ is For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

1 - T cells in COVID-19 (Speaker Image) Patrick_Raber_Headshot_150

Patrick Raber, PhD

Sr Manager, Research and Business Development
Adaptive Biotechnologies

Q&A Panelists

Following the presentation we will have a live Q&A with the following panelists:

Catherine Sanders

Catherine Sanders, MT, PhD

VP, Research & Business Development
Adaptive Biotechnologies
Kellie Howard_headshot

Kellie Howard, PhD

Senior Manager, Research & Business Development
Adaptive Biotechnologies
Ned Sherry_headshot-web

Ned Sherry, MPH

Senior Manager, Research & Business Development
Adaptive Biotechnologies

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