COVID-19 T-cell Data: Mapping out SARS-CoV-2 Antigen and T-cell Repertoires

What you will learn in this webinar

In partnership with Microsoft, Adaptive Biotechnologies has created a comprehensive and detailed open access database, ImmuneCODE, that provides COVID-19 data to accelerate ongoing efforts to develop better diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics for COVID-19. Here we will discuss the science behind the ImmuneCODE database presented in Nolan et al, some of the applications for which you can analyze the data, use of the immunoSEQ T-MAP COVID service, and initial data insights from the COVID-19 data described in Snyder et al.

1 - T cells in COVID-19 (Speaker Image) Patrick_Raber_Headshot_150

Patrick Raber Ph.D

Sr. Research & Business Development Manager

Thomas Snyder, Ph.D

VP, Research, immunoSEQ Dx, Adaptive Biotechnologies

Sean Nolan


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